Balance, Relaxation, Conflict Resolution, Relief

- You -

  • ­Want to empty your mind, put your thoughts in order, seek relaxation and balance.
  • ­Are looking for an empathetic companion in a critical life situation.
  • Are facing an important decision.
  • Want to solve a stressful conflict with someone close to you.
  • Would like to get your work/life balance under control, or improve it.
  • Feel stressed.
  • Struggle with unaccountable physical symptoms, e.g., back pain.

Pic Balance

- I -

  • ­Support you with Reiki, guided meditation / dream trips, conversation.
  • Help you recognize the messages of your subconscious with the aid of your dreams.
  • Help you to activate your own healing powers and positive thoughts to protect your health and quality of life.
  • Help you to resolve stressful conflicts, and mediate when useful and desired.
  • Help you realize what your present state is really about.

- Basis -

The essential basis of what I offer consists of:

Your willingness to invest in and to work on yourself, to examine or at a minimum to question old patterns, as well as participate.

My abilities to listen very closely and understand, and to put myself in someone else's shoes, to proceed analytically and intuitively - and by own experience in successfully managing crisis situations while maintaining independence.

Recognition of the fact that I cannot solve problems for you. My objective lies in (re-)activating and strengthening your own resources and identifying suitable steps and life habits, in collaboration with you, to sustainably (re)establish up your resources and protect them, enabling you to live freely and independently. I will accompany you on this journey as your sparring partner as long as you feel it to be necessary.

In certain situations, I reserve the right to refer you to a medical professional.